Slaughter Devices

Device JP5 with non-penetrating pin
Animal stunning equipment is intended for mechanical stunning of animals fit for slaughter in farm and production applications. Ciśnienie gazu wywołane przez zbicie iglicą spłonki ładunku powoduje gwałtowny wyrzut tłoka. Tłok uderzając w głowę zwierzęcia powoduje pozbawienie jego świadomości.

  • Use 9 mm PN B 5 NP. 3954 ammunition by Seller&Bellot s.a. Vlasim only.
Ammunition for slaughter devices

Ammunition can only be used in devices with appropriate caliber and in good technical condition. It is forbidden to dismantle or interfere with the composition of the ammunition. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use protective aids depending on the type of work performed (eye, hearing protection etc.).

• Ammunition type JAT 9 x 20 for animals (weight under 550 kg)
• Ammunition type TEM 9 x 27 for animals (weight more than 550 kg)