Аппарат для глушения кроликов


  • animal detection system – protecting operator against electric shock
  • amperage and stunning current frequency adjustment
  • 9 stunning programs (possibility to change their parameters by the user)
  • changing stunning program with one button
  • recording of work parameters

STZ 6 is our most popular animal stunning device, both in small and large slaughterhouses. Its popularity is determined by its versatility, the ability to adapt to individual customer needs and an affordable price.

The STZ’s robust, solid housing, safe connections and high quality of electronic components ensures reliability even when being in intensive use.

The STZ 6 does not require special protection or user maintenance. Nevertheless, an annual service by a KOMA qualified technician is necessary for proper operation.

The STZ-6 consists of two basic units:

– a power supply unit with separation transformer with electronic measurement and control system as well as PIG821 slaughter parameters controller and parameters recorder,
– stunning tongs.

The power supply unit is located in a sealed box. The box is adapted to be fixed at the place of use.


On the side wall of the STZ-6 there is a power socket with a special pin.

The operation of the device is based on the principle of automatically measuring the resistance of the body of the animal. At the ready-to-operate condition, only a low safety voltage of approx. 22 volts is present on the open electrodes of the tongs. When the electrodes are clamped on the body of the animal, the resistance is measured and the reading of stunning voltage

Rabbit stunning trough

Rabbit stunning trough supports STZ 6/K device. Visual alarm located on the
trough informs the operator about the device readiness and the stunning progress.

Stainless steel frame can be adapted depending on client’s needs. The frame
allows to attach the trough to the wall or set it on the table.

The trough is made of plastic which provides additional insulation.


The STZ-6 is designed to stun electrically animals by applying electrodes to the animal’s head. Equipment complies with Council Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 of 24 September 2009 on the protection of animals at the time of their killing and also meets the requirements of the European Union on the humanitarian treatment of animals.

Technical data

U = 230 V; 50 HzU < 400 V
P < 800 WI 0,01 ÷ 3,3 A
I < 3,5 A50 ÷ 800 Hz

• szczelność skrzynki – IP 55

stz_pic_paramet_01 18,2 kg

stz_pic_paramet_01 5,0 m 

User manual  

Stunning parameters recorder

The recording device fulfills the requirements of the Council Regulation No. 1099/2009 of
24 September 2009r. (Annex II, point 4.1) on the protection of animals at the time of killing.

The recorder device is factory-installed in the STZ 6 stunning device. During stunning process, the recorder performs the measurement of electrical parameters related to the slaughter and saves these parameters ​​on the SDHC memory card located in the recorder socket.

Регистрирующее устройство установлено на заводе-изготовителе в аппарате для глушения животных STZ6. Во время убоя регистратор производит измерения электрических параметров, связанных с убоем, и записывает эти значения на карте памяти SDHC, установленной в гнезде регистратора.